Hubert & Mehmet – A Common Third (Vinyl; black)


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  • 12 Track Vinyl LP
  • inkl. Vinyl exclusive Track „Birds“
  • Hype-Sticker auf Folie + Postkarte inside
  • gefütterte Innenhülle


After their 2015 EP „Dinosaur“ Hubert & Mehmet are finally back with a new record.

It’s been a long journey from playing shows while mostly improvising on stage to spending countless hours in the studio shelter before they finally shaped all those improvised sketches into the beautiful album that has become „A Common Third“ – Outstanding beat music for Hip Hop heads and open minded jazz lovers alike.

Proudly presented by Daily Concept. In a world full of inequality and artificial norms that no longer have anything in common with our nature, it’s easy to see what divides and separates us. In such a time, despite all the borders, it’s important to find and recognize the common third. In its purest form, Hubert & Mehmet stand for exactly this. In order to make the unity visible, they created this album. So it was only a logical consequence to give the work the title „A Common Third“. No matter what divides us, we should also look for what brings us together.